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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wow I actually created a Blog!

So I guess I start by saying hello and welcome?! As I sit under the dryer contemplating life and space and browsing the net I told myself that I should have a blog. I have recently embarked on a haircare journey to grow my tresses back so I had been doing research on products. I work out 3-4 times a week and have relaxed hair that just causes ...yep you guessed it BREAKAGE! So after being cut a mid length bob in Sept. I have made it a definite point to take control of my tresses! I currently use lots of Dominican products amongst tons of other things. I think I am playing witch doctor! So I always stalking the LHCF (Long Hair Care Forum) which is how I discovered Silicon Mix and Lacio Lacio, and I saw a Mega Tek thread. This intrigued me so for the past week and  half I have researched and researched and finally decided to take a leap of faith and buy it. Now my hairdresser and everyone says I am a sucka for a product ( Ojon, Wild Growth Oil, Silicon Mix, Kenra, MegaTek and on and on) but I figure it couldn't hurt to try new products! So I decided instead of keeping a private journal why not share my hits and misses online for everyone to see and share ideas. Today was the first day of my growing long healthy relaxed hair.

April 2011 APL (Arm Pit Length)
September 2011 BSL (Bra Strp Length)

So do you think I can do it? I Can! Ready Set Hair! hahaha Get it? Set hair LMAO I kill me.

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