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Sunday, January 16, 2011

One week of Mega Tek

Under the dryer I thought I would do a quick update on how my week went (as far as my hair). Monday I went to the gym of course I wrap my hair and put a hair-net thingy on it. As I told my cousin that I wrap my hiar then goto the gym she gave me the "Are you serious that's ghetto" look. Haha! I know it seems trashy but my hair is soaked when I leave out of the gym so putting it in a ponytail doesn't work for me. Believe me I tried and it broke my hair off in the back. So wrapped it is! Fast forward to Tuesday I was all excited because this was my first official day of using the Megatek! After getting apprehensive reassurance from my stylist I went forward! Not that I was nervous or anything I just wanted to make sure she approved since she is the pro! So I mixed one half Megatek (which smells like coconut) and one half Jamaican Black Castor Oil (which smells mildy like ash) in a hair color bottle I got from Sally's. The Megatek is a conditioner like consistency and the JBCO is a really thick oil, but combined together they make the perfect mix! And it smells amazing like chocolate! So anyway I parted my hair applied the mix to my scalp, then wrapped my hair. I thought it would weigh my hair down alot since it had oil in it, but to my surprise it was just fine in the am. I repeated this on Thursday and Saturday as well. So do I see a difference yet? Not as far as length but after all its only been one week. But I will say my new growth is softer and dare I say wavier! I have 4a ish hair that's probably 3b in the back. My new growth in the middle which is 4a looks more like 3a. For the record I am 4 weeks post relaxer (I think ). I read all about the shedding issues so I have been taking garlic pills to help with it. I also take prenatal vitamins and biotin. So I washed today I used a mild clarifying shampoo followed with a moisturizing shampoo. I washed in the shower so I put the moisturizing conditioner mixed with olive oil cholesterol moisturizing conditioner while showering. My intent was to rinse that out then apply the Silicon Mix and sit under the dryer. But as I was shocked to see how soft my hair was! So I opted out of my beloved Silicon Mix and when forth with my Lacio Lacio/Argon oil and roller set my heir. Which leads me to now :) so there's my update!

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